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Just released June 17, 2015:  This and That - Fact, Fiction & Photos.
$18.00 plus $3.50 S&H from the author:
Kathy Mendoza
309 W. Main C-4
Harbor Springs, MI  49740

Also available at Cross Village General Store and Legs Inn, both in Cross Village.  You can find them in Harbor Springs at the IGA or by making an appointment to pick up from the author by calling 231-526-2361.

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       2013 RELEASE
Out Cross Village Way-The Lighter Side!   This will be the last book of the Cross Village Collection by Mendoza.  Do you have them all?  This book is available at the Harbor Springs IGA, as well as Bliss Store on
W. Sturgeon Bay Trail.  It is also available at Legs Inn and Cross Village General Store in Cross Village.  It is available now directly from the author.  Send $18.00 plus 3.50  S & H to
Kathy Mendoza, 309 W. Main C-4, Harbor springs, MI 49740 or call 526-2361 to make an appointment to pick the book up in person
Kathy Mendoza was nominated in 2011 for an award from the Historical Society of Michigan for her book, Looking Back at Cross Village and Beyond.
 Published 06/18/2011
 Looking Back at Cross Village and Beyond is a 190 page book with many old photos.  It is a compilation of  area historical  research articles written by Kathy Mendoza.  These stories are some of the many which were previously published in newspapers and magazines throughout Michigan.   This book was nominated for an award from the Historical Society of Michigan.  It can be purchased from the author by sending $20.00 plus $4.00 S & H to Kathy Mendoza, 309 W. Main C-4, Harbor Springs, MI  49740.  It can also be purchased  at historic Legs Inn  and  Cross Village General Store in  Cross Village, Michigan, Bliss Store on W.Sturgeon Bay Trail, and at Harbor Springs IGA in Harbor Springs, Michigan for $20.00. 
Growing Up in Cross Village -Memories of a Barefoot Girl was published in October 2010, and is now in its third, revised, printing.   As the title implies, in this book the author recalls her memories of growing up in her small village,  during the 1940s and 50s. It includes some of the inventive, sometimes humorous ways, she and her siblings created their own kind of fun.  Some old pictures are included.  This book is available for $15.00 at historic Legs Inn, as well as Cross Village General Store  in Cross Village, Michigan.  It can also be found at Bliss Store on W.Sturgeon Bay Trail, and at the Harbor Springs IGA,  located in Harbor Springs, Michigan.  It can be purchased by mail from the author by sending $15.00 plus $3.00 to help with S & H to Kathy Mendoza, 309 W. Main C-4, Harbor Springs, MI  49740.
< Cross Village Main Street before the 1918 fire.    Read the complete story in the recently published book,  Looking Back at Cross Village and Beyond.
Clint Passeno, pictured on the right, was one of the divers who helped build the Mackinac Bridge. Read his interesting and humorous story and those of other bridge builders who were interviewed in 1987 for the story "Big Mac - A Monument of Memories .  This story is included in  Looking Back at Cross  Village  and  Beyond.   
  “Excellent job on the Mackinac Bridge story”
                    - Mike Arents, Managing Editor, West Michigan Magazine
  “I thoroughly enjoyed your story on The Inland Water Route.  I admire you
 for the depth and detail of your historical research and writing.
              -Gordon Turner, Historian and News Editor, Cheboygan Daily Tribune
"I thoroughly admired and enjoyed your article in the paper about Redpath Memorial Presbyterian Church."                                  -Mary Beth Mellon
Your story about the Cross Village fire was so descriptive it gave me the feeling of being right there.  It is the best account I have ever read of the fire.”
                                                             -  Ray Kalbfleisch, Petoskey Area Historian
"Your cover story on Legs Inn is really going to make this issue."
                                            - Priscilla Rice, Associate Editor, the Torch Magazine
"Your article about my grandfather was outstanding; I have ordered ten copies of the magazine."                                                   - Robert U. Redpath Jr.
Mendoza has also published five chapbooks of poetry over the years.  Pictured at left is the expanded version of Village Echoes, which now has forty pages.  The origianl 20- page collection was first published in 1981.  This book sells for $10.00 plus $2.00 S&H when purchased by mail from the author.   It can also be found at the gift shop in historic Legs Inn in Cross Village and at Cross Village General Store.
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